Clematis ternifolia

Sweet Autumn Clematis

This is Clematis ternifolia 'sweet autumn' in full bloom in only its second season.  This variety is sometimes called Clematis paniculata (and in fact it was sold under that name), but I am told that is incorrect.  It is an extraordinarily vigorous grower.  I pruned this plant back to 1 foot above the deck in February (it emerges through a hole in the deck behind the white planter), and it grew nearly 30 feet before flowering in early September.  It is apparent here that it flowers only on the most recent growth.  Next year I plan to keep it on the pergola so the flowers will be down lower.  It is growing on top of Rosa 'climbing Cecile Brunner' in the center.  Rosa 'New Dawn' is to the left, and a Clematis montana is to the right.

It is noticeably fragrant. Similar varieties flowering at the same time grow semi-wild in this area.

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