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Pennisetum alopecuroides

Fountain Grass

Fountain grass is an understandably popular ornamental grass.  It forms large clumps (3 to 4 feet high and the same diameter) with arching leaves draping to the ground.  The late-summer flowers have the appearance of fox-tails.  Photo Aug. 2000.
. This is P. alopecuroides 'Moudry' (also called 'Viridescens'). The leaves are darker, wider, and glossier, and the blackish-purple flower spikes appear later in the season and do not tend to arch over as much.  The foliage is extremely dense (here, it has totally concealed the hose-reel mounted on the wall behind it).   It arrived in mis-marked containers.  It is an attractive plant, but it is an incredibly aggressive self-seeder.  Photo Sept. 2000.

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